Livestreaming: The New Wedding Trend


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So you’ve finished sending out your wedding invites and received word from some guests being unable to be there for your big day. One of your relatives can’t come because of health reasons. Your friend from high school can’t take a leave from work to attend your wedding. And your cousin lives on the other side of the globe and spending for airfare will take a toll on her very tight budget.

But you want them all to see you say “I do”. So how can you address this issue?

Thankfully, with the technology on hand at this day and age, letting your guests witness your ceremony without them being physically there is now possible. And that is through livestreaming. This new trend allows family and friends who can’t be there at the wedding to see the bride walk down the aisle, hand in hand with the groom, until it’s time to throw the bouquet and dance the night away. And that’s all viewed in real-time.

Video streaming the wedding is becoming increasingly popular, and more and more couples are allotting a part of the budget in getting professional wedding livestreaming services. Companies like I Do Stream, My Streaming Wedding, and Live Stream Weddings offer packages that range from $200 to $3,000, depending on the inclusions. Ustream and YouTube Live Stream are also go-to sites for live broadcasts of weddings. There are also Andriod and iOS mobile apps that enable guests from far away to view the event as it happens from an attendee’s smartphone.

Livestreaming is ideal for those thinking of having a destination wedding or a smaller ceremony wherein inviting everyone is near to impossible. It takes your worries off shelling out more money for your guests’ accommodation and transportation, and family and friends from far away won’t have to miss out on your special day. Just don’t forget to tell your guests where they can view the stream. Send the email invites the streaming services provide you or mail via post the date, time, and website they need to visit to catch the broadcast.

Of course, it would be great if all your guests can be at your big day. But if that proves to be a challenge for them — and for you — livestreaming the wedding will prove to be an ideal solution.


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