Making the Most of Caribbean Wedding Packages

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Won’t you love this setting?

The Caribbean is a popular destination for cruises and holidays. It has also come to be one of the more popular out-of-country wedding destinations. Various tour operators and wedding planning companies offer Caribbean wedding packages to suit every bride and groom’s budget and specifications. The most practical ones are the all inclusive wedding packages that even have wedding ceremonies thrown in for free when the bridal party books a certain number of days in a Caribbean resort.

Weddings in the Bahamas, Jamaica, St. Lucia, or any other Caribbean island are always romantic, exciting, and memorable. Couples who wish to be wed outside of their hometowns will not go wrong in choosing to get married in the Caribbean.

In preparing for a Caribbean Wedding, couples must first make sure that they have the necessary legal documents submitted before the wedding takes place. This is essential for those who would like to make sure that the ceremonies are legally recognized in their home countries as well.

For those who wish to have the most romantic and most special wedding of their lives, there are only three things to fret about.

1. Wedding venue. Various resorts in the Caribbean have different settings available for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Couples can choose to have their weddings right at the beach or in another venue with a beach view. Those who would rather go without having the sand and saltwater creating a tussle in the wedding party and their guests’ clothes can opt for resort weddings that offer spectacular beach views. Poolside lounges and beachfront gazebos are common wedding venues that couples can choose from for their Caribbean wedding.

2. Accommodations for the wedding party. Wedding packages usually have provisions for accommodations not only for the bride and groom but for their wedding party and guests as well. In some resorts, bulk discounts are available for couples booking a minimum number of guests for their wedding. These accommodation packages often include airport transfers and maybe even tours for the wedding party either before or after the wedding ceremonies and reception.

3. Honeymoon activities. Part of most wedding packages are Caribbean honeymoon tours and cruises that the couple can enjoy immediately following their wedding day. All inclusive packages let couples choose the kinds of activities they are interested in after having their wedding. It can vary from a relaxing honeymoon of spa treatments and beach hopping or a more active honeymoon of water sports like water skiing, wind surfing, and wave surfing. These honeymoon activities in Caribbean wedding packages, however, would largely depend on the couple’s budget and interests.

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A wedding set against the backdrop of nature can be one of the most romantic ones imaginable. The harmonious combination of both manmade and natural elements creates the perfect atmosphere for the union of two individuals deciding to commit their lives to each other. And, there is nothing like the Caribbean Islands to provide you with the most beautiful setting for your wedding day.

10 thoughts on “Making the Most of Caribbean Wedding Packages

  1. This is what my Mom and Dad dreams of on their golden wedding anniversary, which is only four years from now. How I wish we can afford to give this memorable caribbean wedding to them 🙂 Still got 4 years to save 🙂

  2. I don’t care much for a Carribean wedding, I’m sure it will be expensive. But a Carribean honeymoon, yes please! It will be an unforgettable experience.

  3. i most refer ko namore prenup shoot here pero kung kaya ng budget go on the wedding ika nga nila minsan lang yan..

  4. It’s actually my dream wedding to tie the knot in the Caribbean.. ^^ That’d be unconventional, but more memorable and fun.. 🙂

  5. sure any couple in a carribean wedding will have a memorable one what with these venue, accommodation and honeymoon packages, sure it’s all worth it.

  6. Haaaay!
    I wish to have this type of wedding.
    But, it’s only in my dreams… I am happy with
    the simple church wedding me and my husband
    shared back at 1998.

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