Motif and Ideas – Orange and Pink

orange bouquet

Getting married is something that takes a whole lot of planning and preparation. Brides get all gears going from the moment their husband-to-be pops the magic question. One of the first things that brides have to think about is the color motif. While brides wear the standard white wedding gown, the rest of the entourage as well as the décor and wedding accessories can come in any color of their choice. Choosing a color is more than just a matter of preference. Oftentimes, the color choice reflects the personality of the couple. A pink and orange motif is quite bright and perky for a wedding color theme that could suit a broad range of couple types. It’s great for those who are young and playful as well as those who just love the colors of spring and summer.

Aside from the entourage wardrobe, some of the things where the color motif can be applied include the following:

Stationery – This is perhaps the first thing that “announces” the color theme. From save-the-date cards to invitations, place cards, and thank you notes, the couple can use varied shades of pinks and oranges. It can be as playful as a watermark of pink and orange stripes or dots. It can also be as formal as having an embossed metallic pink and orange fleur de lis border. The couple can also have their monograms embossed in the same color scheme in all of their wedding stationery.

orange pink motif

 Flowers – The pink and orange motif in floral arrangements brings a great splash of color to the place where the wedding rites will be held as well as in the reception venue. Flowers that come in varying shades of these colors are abundant in the spring and summer. Mums and carnations are great options. There are also roses, Gerber daisies, and calla lilies. While the bridal bouquet is often made with white flowers, the bride can choose to have broad pink and orange ribbons to hold the flowers together and wrap around the stems.

Cupcake Tower or plain white cake decorated with orange flowers

Linen – Fabrics used in the wedding venues can also be in the same color motif. It is important, however, not to go overboard since these colors can be quite strong. Sheer fabrics in these colors are best used as chair ribbons and aisle drapes. They can also be used as the color for table napkins and centerpiece doilies. In a round table, for example, alternating pink napkins with orange napkins on top of the China settings would be a good idea.

orange table
Orchids for ornaments

14 thoughts on “Motif and Ideas – Orange and Pink

  1. I absolutely love these colors together!! Not only for a wedding but maybe for colors in my house or clothes that I wear!! Thanks, would of never thought these 2 colors would go together so well.

  2. Hmmm I love pink but I usually tend to stick with neutral colors. But the combination of pink and orange is gorgeous!

  3. This is a nice combination of colors. I really didn’t expect to like it but I do. I can’t wait for my daughter to get married and we get to choose things like this!

  4. Pink and orange are great color combination. Not only are they fun and perky, there’s also warmth and homey feel to them. The pink balances out the orange.

  5. I would never have thought of putting the two colors together but they look fantastic. What a dramatic effect not only for a wedding but for a dinner party as well.

  6. I like the pink and orange. It goes beyond the typical romantic rose color and says the couple is fun and enjoying their wedding day with a youthful spirit. It appeals to both bride and groom, yet still matches, great choice!

  7. I will definitely send this link over to a friend of mine (who just got engaged). I think the orange/pink motif really works.

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