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They say actions speak louder than words do. Personally, I believe that to be true, and if you were a woman who’s in a relationship, then you would probably agree with me, too. Many women tend to get frustrated with their significant others (or men, in general) because men can’t seem to say the right words when needed.

Some men would admit that they’re not big on words while others just aren’t expressive in any way imaginable. If you were to ask me, I would rather go for the first set of men – those who aren’t big on words. Why is that? Well, more often than not, they are the men who express their feelings in other ways. Perhaps self-expression simply eludes them or maybe they are well aware that sometimes, words can never express feelings as deeply as gestures do.

Unbelievably, a handful of women don’t demand much as far as vocal expressions of love go. Hence, pair one such woman with a man who relies on unspoken expressions to get his point across and, boom! You just created a match made in heaven.

This is probably the reason why many couples decide to engrave their names and other words of love in the band of their engagement and wedding rings. Name engraving is more than just giving the rings a very special and personalized touch. In reality, the idea stirs up indescribable feelings that make a union even more memorable.

Two words best describe engraved wedding rings – uniquely meaningful. Usually, it’s the couple’s names that are engraved in the rings, with the name of the woman engraved in the man’s ring and vice versa. Nevertheless, it’s up to the couple to decide what they want inscribed in the rings. The inscription can range from a sweet and short message or the date the couple first met to a more romantic poetry or private joke that the couple shares. Simply put, the couple should decide to have something they can relate to or hold dear to their hearts engraved in their rings.

Once a couple decides to have their rings engraved, it’s best to bring the rings to the jeweler where these were bought. Most jewelers offer engraving services, and it is better that way because they would know how to take care of the rings best. However, if the jeweler doesn’t have any engraving tools, you can search the Internet for an engraver who specializes on engagement and wedding rings.

Before you have the rings engraved, ask to see samples of the engraver’s work. It’s important to see whether the engraver does deep cuts, which tend to last longer or shallow cuts, which wear away more easily. Don’t be afraid to ask the jeweler or engraver about the type of lettering that would be most durable especially if you intend to wear the ring every day. It’s also vital to ask how long it takes to get the rings engraved. There’s no point in having the rings engraved if these won’t be ready before the wedding ceremony. In addition, since you would need to bring the rings to the shop for the engraving, make sure that the rings are insured while in the jeweler or engraver’s possession. The last thing you want is for the rings to get lost or damaged.

There are two known methods of engraving, by hand and by machine. Machine engraving is less costlier than hand engraving, and engravers usually charge per character, depending on the font used, although most machine engravers only offer block lettering. Machine engraving is done using different types of mechanized engravers that follow templates or computer-aided designs. All one needs to do is insert the ring in the machine, and once it is turned on, the machine starts forming the letters.

On the other hand, hand engraving costs about five times more than the former, obviously, since manual work is more painstaking. Many couples choose hand engraving even if it is more expensive because they feel that the effort put into the inscriptions highlight their feelings even more.

In hand engraving, the artisan uses a tool called a graver, which looks like a miniature chisel. The ends of these miniature chisels are patterned into different shapes, thereby offering varieties for the text. Every dollar spent for hand engraving is worth it especially since many experienced hand engravers can put your inscriptions into any style of text and they can even inscribe intricate symbols.

One thing you should keep in mind, though, is that those who do hand engraving prefer to work with gold rings since these are softer. It is easier to maneuver the engraving tool on gold, so it takes less time to finish the inscription. Nevertheless, platinum is more durable; thus, anything engraved in it lasts for a long time. Silver can be engraved, too, so you actually have several choices.

Titanium and tungsten rings, though, are not suitable for engraving. These hard metals make the job much too difficult, and when you force the engraving, the texts end up looking untidy.

Therefore, if you decide to have your wedding rings engraved, make sure to choose the best metal and the best engraver to get the job done. Remember, the words that will be engrave in the rings are expressions of love; thus, it’s best to make sure everything is taken care of.

Wedding Rings
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