No Stress Weddings

Might not be the most apt description when preparing a wedding but this is how it should be for couples. Weddings are supposed to be enjoyable and full of fond memories not stressful, so take the stress away from your big day. It could be easier to hire wedding planners/coordinators to do all for you but you will need to shed money for that. So the first thing that couples need to consider is their budget.

Wedding Packages are the “in” thing nowadays. Planners will offer a list of services including were reception would be held, customized wedding gown, suit and entourage attire, a cake of the couples choice matching their motif. There’d also be the wedding invitation, flowers, music, and every little details needed.


If you are on a limited budget, DIYs are the best way to go. You can call a couple of friends and relatives who can spare some weekends off to help you with coming up of ideas, selecting and designing, scouting the best places in town for a reception, cutting papers for the invitations or perhaps talking to the best patisserie to request a cake needed in a month!

There are a lot of websites giving you tips and pieces of advice on how to spend less on weddings and make it more personal. This could be one of those.

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7 thoughts on “No Stress Weddings

  1. DIY wedding invitations are more cheaper plus the couple can really express through it their inner emotions by the way it would be designed 🙂

  2. don’t see myself marrying in the next couple of years,,hmm..and i dont think I’ll be getting married in my life..hahaha..I am happy na with my baby..but lets see..

  3. If the couple has really prepared for their wedding…
    financially, why not hire a wedding planner?
    Their creative ideas are worth your spending
    to make your day more momentous and special.

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