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Styling for wedding photo sessions are so much more inventive nowadays. It used to be that wedding photographs are composed by merely putting people together without much attention to the background. Today, wedding photographs make good use of various elements as an added dimension to scene. These elements, however, should not be too overpowering as to distract from the couple. Something as inconspicuous but quaintly interesting as a window can become an interesting highlight. A window can add to the tone of the scene or serve to frame the focal point of the photograph.

Toying with the idea of windows as a photography element, these thought bubbles on their use with different wedding themes came to mind:

1. Romantic. A cathedral window is quite standard for some wedding photographs, with the couple standing in front of the church and the window serving to frame the couple. Also beautiful are photographs with silhouettes against sheer curtained bay windows. An interior shot with the bride and groom standing in front of a white framed window looking out to a field of flowers beyond is another traditional romantic scene.

2. Hip and Modern. The only requirement for this theme is that the architectural elements are obviously modern. More than the windows themselves, the composition of the scene is important to achieve the overall tone of being hip and modern. Windows with clean and sleek lines showcasing modern architecture are best for these photographs. A window that frames a cityscape with lights meeting the starlit skies is another great element to incorporate a modern wedding photograph.

3. Unconventional. This is an exciting theme to work on. You can go from a backdrop of skyscraper windows in the city for a couple of stock brokers to a background of store windows with the couple riding a Harley off to their honeymoon location.

The possibilities for using windows as accessories to wedding photos are endless and can only be limited by your creativity. The lighting and special visual effects made possible through modern editing technology can further enhance these wedding snapshots.

4 thoughts on “Picture Perfect Bride and Groom

  1. I’ve seen some really great wedding photos that would fall into the category you call “Unconventional.” I really like the idea!

  2. I’ve seen some really great backdrops when my friends got married. My favorite is the old farmhouse. We got married at my parents house with the river as our background.

  3. Very interesting post — I don’t know much about photography but it makes sense that using a window as an “accessory” would work out well and look good in the final product.

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