Practical Solutions for Men’s Wedding Outfit Dilemma

Preparing for a wedding can be stressful for most couples, particularly those who choose to have their hands on all the planning and preparation activities. In most cases, the bride is left with taking care of all the nitty-gritty details while the groom handles the finances. But, there is one other thing that is often left up to the groom, and that is the task of dressing up the groom’s party.

Choosing clothes for the male entourage is a lot simpler compared to their female counter part, but it doesn’t mean that their get-up is less important. It is therefore up to the groom to make sure that his party looks dashing in matching suits on their big day. This can pose a budget dilemma for grooms who have other wedding expenses to prepare for because having a tuxedo tailored for the groom can be quite costly, more so if it is going to be for an entire party.

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Luckily, there is an emerging trend in formal events that makes dressing up to the nines as affordable as possible. Tuxedo rental services are gaining popularity as more people realize that there are more practical ways to spend money than to splurge in a tux. For soon to be grooms, their savings can be allotted for their honeymoon or a nest egg for their future family.

Tuxedo Rental Companies make it easy and convenient for men to find the perfect formal wear for their special events. They offer a range of tuxedo styles and colors that one can choose from along with experienced personnel to help their customers choose, fit and get measured for their outfits. One can also count on these companies to ensure that members of the wedding party are fitted with matching suits.

Renting a tux for the wedding party is quite simple. All you have to do is to schedule a group fitting appointment with the rental company and make sure that all members are present for the appointment. This is one way to involve everyone in the decision making process and ensure that everyone knows exactly what to wear on the wedding day.

Once everything is arranged, you can surprise your bride with the amount of savings you got and impress her with the efficient manner in which you handled the wedding tuxedo arrangements. Together, you can think up more ways to save on wedding expenses and stretch the budget to have everything you need for your dream wedding.

7 thoughts on “Practical Solutions for Men’s Wedding Outfit Dilemma

  1. Renting a tux sounds practical especially when you’re not a regular on the black-tie scene and you don’t want to shell out the bucks for something you probably wear only once.

  2. My husband and groomsmen rented theirs since they’d only need them the one time. I spun the wheel at a bridal extravaganza and won a free rental for the groom, so it ended up being a great benefit for us. It was fairly inexpensive for the groomsmen, too.

  3. My daughter had the men wear dark blue suits with white shirts…they saved money by wearing a suit they already had in their closet. (They were all bankers)

  4. Great post — I took some “copious” notes and will keep them for when my wedding day comes. Thanks for the tips and great information for solutions for men’s wedding outfits.

  5. A lot of times, the groom gets theirs free when the best men rent their outfits. This is a great way for the couple to save. The bride picks so many things, but I like it that guys are becoming interested in what they are going to wear and getting to make some choices. My son was actually involved in many of his wedding decisions, but he still let his wife have what she wanted. His only demand was tails – He wanted them!

  6. Hope my comment posted – I really like guys getting involved in their outfit picking. It was a must for my son – he knew what he wanted when it came to his outfit.

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