Riding Old World Romance in a Modern Day Setting


How utterly romantic would it be to parade the streets to your wedding venue in a horse-drawn carriage? Bring a flair of old world romance into your special day by booking a carriage, a fiaker as it is notably known in Vienna, instead of a luxury limousine. Companies maintaining their fleet of fiakers offer services for weddings at prices depending on the location and date of the event. Couples who wish to customize their fiaker wedding carriage would be able to do so by coordinating with these companies or their wedding coordinators.

Historical accounts show that the fiakers were at the height of popularity in 17th to 18th century Vienna, with carriage drivers earning great reputation for entertaining their passengers with serenades. Other accounts even speak of the degree of restraint and discretion these carriage drivers displayed towards intimacies shared by their passenger gentlemen and their paramours. Today, these fiakers are still around, mingling with the modern cityscape and lending an air of old world charm to the scenery. Fiaker operators make their services available to tourists in Vienna for short or long trips around the city.

Some hotels in the city already offer horse-drawn wedding carriage services as part of their wedding packages. Whether you choose to get married in one of the many historic churches in the city or right at the hotel, you can ask your local fiaker operator to put together a romantic package for you. It is customary to ask for what is referred to as a “porcelain ride,” or a smooth and steady trot reminiscent of the careful way precious porcelain was transported in fiakers during the olden days, to create a more enchanting journey through the city.

Enjoying the old world romantic flair of fiakers need not be confined to transporting a couple to and from their wedding locations. Couples can also enjoy a fiaker ride after their wedding reception for a tour of a city – a perfect way to jumpstart a romantic honeymoon. These city tours are available for less than a hundred euros for trips as short as 20 minutes to an hour. Prices may vary depending on the sights that you want to see and how long you are booking your fiaker for. There’s no harm in looking for a good deal on fiakers for weddings. All you have to do is to scout around and negotiate with fiaker operators or tour and event coordinators. However which way you look at it, hiring a fiaker as your wedding carriage is truly unique and romantic.

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  1. congrats sa kanila… may ganito ring set up sa portofino eh yung kalisa ang maghahatid sa bride patungo sa simbahan..

  2. definitely the couple will enjoy the fiaker ride a very memorable event for your friend :), i would like to ride in it too 🙂 feeling king and queen kami ni noi ahaha

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