Romantic Weddings in Impressionist Tuscan Homes with Courtyards

Getting married in Tuscany is a dream wedding for couples who are too much in love. Known for its picturesque landscape, Tuscany boasts of many charming places to tie the knot of commitment between two persons. There is the Chianti region famous for its olives and excellent red wines, the Gothic Palazzo Pubblico in the heart of Piazza del Campo, the 13th century Palazzo Pretorio, and other medieval structures that freeze the old-world charm. Nevertheless, what can be a better way to celebrate an affair of the heart than say “I do” in the presence of family and close friends in one of the lovely Tuscan homes with courtyards?

By definition, a courtyard is a secluded part adjacent to the house. Even if positioned in the center of the house, a courtyard serves as an intimate enclosure surrounded by walls, trees, or plants. In recent years, Tuscan or Mediterranean-style courtyard has become an inspiration for many to transform their boring yards into charming courtyards to hold many family gatherings In the meantime, authentic Tuscan homes with courtyards are still one of the top choices where many choose to seal their love for eternity.

Romantic Weddings, Impressionist Tuscan Homes Courtyards
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Recreating a Tuscan Courtyard for a Romantic Wedding

  • Choose Tuscan furniture for outdoor use. Most of these have wrought iron as the main materials or some designs use them as accents. For a more intimate appeal, place two bistro style chairs with a small center table to accommodate the two besotted people. Spread Tuscan fabrics in the chairs or shield the area from the sunlight by opening up a large Tuscany style parasol. The warm colors are enough to inflame the atmosphere with love. Use wicker chairs to seat the emotional family and friends who gathered during this one emotional event.

  • Create the total Tuscan look by having a water fountain constructed in the center of the courtyard. Water is another element that is always present in Tuscan home designs. Particularly when designing a courtyard, the water fountain becomes the centerpiece especially when plants known to flourish in Tuscany hillsides surround it. Cypress trees may also be lined along the walls to create the old world appeal.

  • Fill the courtyard with elements combining celestial and worldly qualities. In Tuscany, cherubs dominate most of the spaces. Replicate this cherub fondness by putting an image of the heavenly creature in the courtyard. It may be a wall plaque, urns, or the statue atop the water fountain. The cherub adds up to the serenity and relaxing air that prevails in the private sanctuary.

  • Other decorating ideas to infuse the Tuscan charm can be done starting from the entrance by greeting visitors with a cast iron floor grate doormat. Lull them with wind chimes that gentle sway with the breeze. Lead them to your enchanting arbor with crisscrossing vines of Tuscany grapes.

  • Wrought iron remains to be the main material to hold lighting fixtures for the courtyard. Apart from its durability, the material can stand against nature’s elements despite long exposure from them. Place wrought iron candelabra on the pergola, lamps on the tables and lamp poles with solar lights in wrought iron casing. These are good enough to light the path of the love-struck couple and their guests. Even if the sun hides beneath the horizon, the Tuscan-inspired courtyard remains ablaze.

Isn’t it more romantic to say the special vows in one of the Tuscan homes with courtyards? In reality, though, not everybody can have the opportunity to travel all the way to Tuscany to get marry amidst an old-fashioned landscape. However, why deprive the smitten couple of their dream wedding ceremony? The least one can do is to bring out some bottles of Tuscan wines and play up one of Puccini’s classical pieces. As the wedding march begins to fill the air, no one can tell the difference if the whole affair is being held in a Tuscan courtyard or in its nearest replica.

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