The Wedding Cake: A Guide on Size and Servings

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One of the highlights of the wedding is the cake. It’s the center of attention — aside from the bride and groom, of course — and always a good photography subject. That’s why couples put the wedding cake as one of the top priorities during the preparation stage.

Big and tall wedding cakes are usually favored by brides not only because they are attractive but also because they can feed enough guests. But how big must a wedding cake be for there to have enough servings for everybody?

Let’s take a closer look at the wedding cake.

The traditional wedding cake is typically made of tiers stacked one over the other. A tier is composed of two baked layers assembled with filling in between and covered in frosting. The average height of a tier is 4 inches but can go as high as 6 inches, depending on the pan the cake layers are baked in.

Wedding cakes normally have 3 tiers (base, middle, and top) but there are some that go up to 7, even 9 tiers. They are placed on top of the other or put on pillars to give an illusion of added height. A reminder, though: taller cakes need more support than smaller cakes, and this can be achieved with the use of dowel/dowelling rods. Some cake makers opt to use craft blocks, styrofoam dummies, or even separate stands so that the tiers will not fall over.

The size of a tier will determine how many guests can partake in the cake. A 6-inch (in diameter) round cake can feed up to 8 persons, a 10-inch round up to 24 persons, and a 12-inch round up to 36 persons. So a wedding cake with a 6-8-12 round tier combination can yield up to 68 servings.

If there is a need for more servings, couples may request to increase the size of the cake tiers. Instead of a 6-8-12 combination, they can have their wedding cake in an 8-10-16 combination. Satellite cakes may also be added and placed surrounding the main wedding cake, and extra cakes may be stored in the kitchen until it’s time to serve them.

Take note that the size of your wedding cake will also determine your overall budget, so make sure that you choose one that yields enough servings for everybody and, at the same time, won’t drain your funds. Also, buy enough time to prepare the cake, especially if you’re making it yourself. The wedding cake is one of the key features in your celebration, and therefore its creation must be planned carefully.

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