Trade Your Heels for Cowboy Boots

Most autumn weddings take place outdoors because brides and grooms want to make the most of the cool weather. And with outdoor weddings come themes that let couples be more adventurous with their wedding details, one of which being the bride’s footwear.

Since outdoor weddings would entail the bride to walk on the ground — pebbles, sludge, soil, and all — women must wear something comfortable and that, at the same time, protects their feet from getting dirty. Footwear like pumps or heels are not the best options; not only would these leave their feet grubby, they may even cause the bride to trip and fall. And we don’t want that to happen.

A great alternative, therefore, would be wearing cowboy boots for the wedding. They’re sturdy and are great for walking on different terrains. But more than the functionality, cowboy boots also bring about a different kind of style — tough yet stylish, strong yet sophisticated.

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Weddings with a rustic chic, farm/ barnyard, country, or even steampunk theme are perfect occasions where one can wear cowboy boots. Brides as well as the bridesmaids can wear this footwear for the big day. They only need to pair the boots with a great dress and accessories. Here are some ideas:

For the bride: A wedding dress made of light fabric goes well with cowboy boots. A skirt with tiered frilly ruffles creates a dainty look, which tames the rough-and-tough feel of the boots. Another look to try is a mini-skirted lace wedding dress paired with cowboy boots. Complete the ensemble with vintage jewelry and a birdcage veil.

For the bridesmaid: Cowboy boots would complement the bridesmaids’ knee-length dresses. Besides being a highlight to their wardrobe, the boots will allow them to move about with ease. A bouquet of hand-tied flowers tops the look.

For the flower girls: Yes, you can let the little ones wear cowboy boots, too. But make sure the size and length should be comfortable for them to walk in. Boots and an eyelet dress will surely make those flower girls look so adorable.

Indeed, there are ways to spice up your autumn wedding, and one way is wearing cowboy boots instead of heels. If you are doing an outdoor wedding, you should consider this not only because it is fashionable, but also because it is functional.

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